Once you’ve decided to work in Holland, you need a professional agency, which offers you a particular job and housing facilities. HOBIJ is a Dutch recruitment agency, which helps people from all over Europe getting a job. We have recruitment offices in 3 countries – Poland, Lithuania and Romania. There you’ll find dedicated HOBIJ recruiters who can help you finding a job in the sector you like.

The application process

While scanning different job opportunities we’ll ask you about your job preferences, your background and for how long you would like to stay in Holland. Work planning is always a difficult proces and employers need to know when and for how long you will be available. So before you travel to The Netherlands we know where you will work and for how long you will stay.

Planning your trip

We help you plan your trip to The Netherlands. Our Dutch headquarters in Veghel is close to Eindhoven airport. Should you decide to take a plane, we are able to pick you up at the airport. Traveling by car is also a possibility, yet this can be a long drive. That’s why we specially produced this free HOBIJ playlist which can keep you company along the way!

HOBIJ Travel Hits


When you arrive in Holland you’re being welcomed by our HOBIJ staff. We will register you and make sure you receive the correct documentation in order to be eligible to work in Holland. At our headquarters you can enjoy a relaxing day playing a game and have some (free) food in our kitchen.

Coming home to holland

After the administrative part is taking care of, you’re ready to go to your new home. If you don’t have your own transportation, one of our drivers will take you there. Our HOBIJ house coordinator will welcome you and show you to your room. He will also inform you about our guidelines with regard to your new accommodation.

To work

Now you’re ready to go to work and let’s be frank, that’s the first reason you came to The Netherlands. We plan to get you started the day after you arrive in Holland. However, in all honesty, that won’t always work depending on the day of your arrival, but we do our best to have you at work as quickly as possible.

Job coach

If you have specific job related questions, you can ask them to your job coach. These job coaches are always working at the employer where you work. You can ask them questions like, “Can I work overtime?”, or “Can I take some time off to see a dentist?”. Your job coach can also inform you about work regulations and arrange work related issues. Please feel free to ask anything.

Happy flex worker

At the end of the day our goal is for you to be happy. Why? Well, happy flex workers produce better results; for themselves, the employer and therefore for HOBIJ. So if we can help you in any way, please let us know. But please realise that your own happiness starts with you. With the decisions you take, and we can assure you that the decision to come and work in Holland was a good one!