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We have plenty of open vacancies available with great employers in the sectors of food processing, industry, logistics and tech. We need order pickers, reach truck drivers, welders, machine operators and logistic employees to name a few. Register now!

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Earn good money

We value your time and effort to do a good job. That is why you can expect to be paid accordingly. Depending on your job and sector, salaries differ of course. You can be sure to be paid weekly.

Number of working hours

We understand you won’t come all the way to Holland to work just a few hours per week. That’s why our aim for you is to provide work here in Holland for as many hours per week possible.

Several employers are looking for you!

HOBIJ works with various employers in different sectors. Top companies like Hessing, Zandbergen, WE fashion, Vanderlande and Sligro are just a few amongst them

Colleagues at Work. Friends at Home and Buddies for Life.

I can help my mom with finance. She’s happy and I’m happy.

I’m looking for stability. At HOBIJ I found it.

Career Development

Of course you are welcome to come and work in Holland for just a few months, but it’s also possible to develop a career. You can create your own possibilities within the company where you start working. Sometimes and after you have proven yourself as a hard working flex worker, there are even possibilities to start working as a HOBIJ employee where you can help fellow country men and other labour migrants to find a job in Holland.

HOBIJ’s mission is to build futures that matter.

We are centred around one core philosophy: putting the flex worker first. At HOBIJ we simply believe happy people make a better world. By focusing on the flex workers’ well-being, we will help them be more productive at work, grow as a person, live a better life and make them happy.