Holland is a great place to be. The Dutch are amongst the happiest people in the world. Dutch people have a strong culture and are family orientated. They like to be outdoors, but at the same time they spend a lot of time and effort making their homes as cosy as possible. The Dutch like parties and celebrate lots of things, like the King’s birthday, Carnaval and they are out and about every time the Dutch national team plays a football match. They’re friendly – but blunt – because they have a strong desire of being direct and honest.


Social housing is common. About 30% of Dutch families live in rented accommodation. Rent in the private sector is high because there’s more demand than houses available. That’s the reason why young people nowadays live with their parents well into their twenties, or they keep on sharing an apartment with their student buddies after they’ve finished school.


The Dutch show a lot of tolerance towards immigration and they are well known for welcoming immigrants with open arms. This started in the 1960s in post WW2 Holland, when the government recruited migrant workers from Turkey and Morocco to help rebuild The Dutch economy. Currently we see a similar trend whereas Dutch companies need more and more labourers from other EU countries in order to keep up with the demand in production. That’s why we now see a large flow of people from Poland, Romania, the Baltics, Spain and Portugal heading towards Holland.


Only a couple of minutes after you’ve arrived in Holland you realise there are bicycles everywhere. The Dutch use their bikes really everywhere and anywhere; to work, to the doctor’s, the supermarket, when they go out for drinks and even to more formal occasions like weddings or the opera. So why not try for yourself? Just jump on a bicycle, pedal away and have fun!