Find suitable work at dedicated employers.

Work in The Netherlands means security in payment, good working hours, training and development, career opportunities and friendly colleagues. When you work in Holland, you can expect serious and dedicated employers who offer you good working conditions.


Live in a comfortable house.

Housing accommodations are subject to strict rules. They have to be safe, clean and well facilitated with bathrooms, kitchens, electricity and water. The house where you going to live will be close to your job. Of course we offer free wifi in all of our accommodations.


Enjoy the pleasant Dutch Lifestyle.

Holland is a great place to be. The Dutch are amongst the happiest people in the world. Dutch people have a strong culture and are family orientated. They like to be outdoors, but at the same time they spend a lot of time and effort making their homes as cosy as possible. The Dutch like parties and celebrate lots of things, like the King’s birthday, Carnaval and they are out and about every time the Dutch national team plays a football match. As a final fun fact: bicycles are the national way of transportation! Why not try for yourself?


Would you like to work for HOBIJ?

HOBIJ is an international recruitment agency. We help you to find a job in industry, logistics or tech. Besides work, we also provide decent accommodation where you can live. Last but not least, we help you with transportation from your new home to work.

In short, if you plan to work and live in Holland, HOBIJ is your go-to agency!

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